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What is EternalHits all about?

Ok, I'm going explain to you what EternalHits is all about and how it can help you. I've been asked this question so many times now by my friends and colleagues that I sometimes find myself talking to the barmaid at my local bar about it!!

So here goes, what is EternalHits (also known as EH for short) all about!!

EternalHits is dedicated to helping people getting that all important traffic to their sites. Whether the site is a personal home page showing pictures of their cats, dogs, Mums, Dads, herds of wilderbeast or a commercial site, there isn't any discrimination, they all get traffic. The only sites we don't like are those sites that can cause offence and are not family safe e.g. porn, weapons, racism, etc, these sites are a big no no in our eyes so we don't allow them to join.

So, what do you get from EternalHits??

Simply, traffic. That's it!! Traffic.

Traffic, as you probably know, is also known as hits, visitors, audience and countless other varying names. Without traffic a site will fail, and if that site is trying to sell a product or service then they won't get any sales. Traffic as I am fond of saying, is KING on the web. Its what makes the web go round, without it and you may as well not have a web site. The variations of getting traffic is very diverse and I like to think that all the diverse ways of getting traffic has been brought into EH and tweaked to squeeze out that little bit extra.

Ok, what way's does EH bring traffic to people's sites??

We've built, into EH, a system known as the DTS (Direct Traffic Scheme), this system allows you to drive traffic to your sites by visiting other peoples sites.

We also give you the ability to add banners and text adverts to your EternalHits account, you can have up to 10 banners and 10 text adverts in use at any one time. Each advert has its own real time statisitics, showing impressions, clicks, and click thru rates. The banners and text adverts are shown exclusively on our site, on this page you can see 2 text adverts and 1 banner advert, these are members adverts. This means your banners and text adverts will be seen by other EH visitors, and not shown at on the bottom of some page containing 30 other adverts, or displayed in a hidden web page frame where nobody will ever see them.

Is there any other reason why EH is a good place to be??

Yes, because we want you to succeed in online business, we've built a referral system where you can get 50 visitors for each person you get to join up with us!! The referral system goes down 5 levels, so your referrals can help build a downline for you.

Ok, all sounds good, but how much is it??

Nothing. The site is free to use, the more a person uses it, the more traffic they will receive. However, if users don't want to wait we do have very affordable advertising options which cost as little as $4!!

Want to join up and get that all important traffic now??

Signup now by Clicking HERE or Click HERE to read through our FAQ page.

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