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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ Questions

Q. I do not live in the US, can i still join?
A. Yes, we are fully international and anyone from any country may join our service.

Q. What's EternalHits all about?
A. EternalHits is all about generating visitors to your own website(s) for free!

Q. Is EternalHits free?
A. Yes, all the EternalHits services are completely free. You will never have to spend any money, unless you wish to do so.

Standard Ads FAQ

Q. What is the red dot next to some of the listings of the standard ads?
A. The red dot represents that the advert is a paid listing and is worth more when surfing sites.

Banner Ads and Web Ads FAQ

Q. Why do I receive emails stating that my banner ads/web ads have been rejected?
A. If we are unable to load your banner when we are viewing them for illegal content then we will reject it. This normally happens if you supply a URL to a banner that doesn't exist. If we find that your banners or web adverts contain bad language/porn or any other undesirable content they are rejected. This is also the case if we see any unwanted content on the page that your banner or web advert points to.

Q. I've submitted my banner or web advert and it hasn't had any impressions yet, what do I do to allocate credits?
A. In order to get your banner ads / web ads in to our system, you must purchase banner ads / web ads credits, to do so, proceed to our advertising section, or you can earn lottery tickets by surfing, which could win you web ad / banner ad impressions and prizes

Direct Traffic Scheme FAQ

Q. How do I earn credits/visitors to my site?
A. First of all, you will need to become a member, you can join here. After logging in, you can use our Direct Traffic Scheme to earn credits.

Q. When I use the Direct Traffic Scheme, it sometimes says "No Credit, Your Surfing to fast". What am I doing wrong?
A. You must stay on a site for at least 30 seconds before proceeding to the next, otherwise you will not receive credit. Time is judged by the coloured dot, when the dot turns orange then you have earned 0.8 credits, after a further 30 seconds the dot will turn green to say you have earned 0.8 credits.

Q. Why does the DTS bar sometimes appear at the bottom of my screen?
A. This is a security measure we have implimented to help combat people trying to cheat our system.

Q. How many visitors will I get to my site if I visit 100 EternalHits member sites?
A. 80 Visitors for 30 seconds each site, however, if you stay on each site for 60 seconds or click to give feedback then you will get 80 Visitors and 80 lottery tickets.

Q. How many sites am I allowed to visit each day?

A. As many as you want, we have no limits on the amount of sites you can visit.

Q. Isn't there an easier way to gain visitors to my site?
A. Yes, you can buy credits by logging into your account and clicking on the 'Buy Credits' link.

Q. Do you have an affiliate program/referral levels?
A. Yes! EternalHits has 5 referral levels and you can get the necessary code for referring people by logging into your account and clicking on the 'Linking To Us' link.

Q. I made a referral but they have not shown up in my stats, why?
A. Any referrals you make must confirm there membership. They will not show up in your stats, and you will not receive credit until they do.

Q. How many websites can I list on EternalHits?
A. As many as you like! There are no limits on the amount of websites you can add to EternalHits.

Q. How do I cancel my account?
A. We don't know why you would want to do this, but if you do, just send an email to [email protected], giving your member ID and a brief reason why you wish to cancel.

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